Jejak Karya

Jejak Karya

Sunday, October 28, 2012

TEPAT dan TERBAIK [1] English Version

The Meaning of A Waiting
by Eka Belladona on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 4:20pm 

(Mbak Bella: "Ingatkah kau sore itu? Saat kau minta aku mentraslatekan impianmu. Maaf tidak sempurna. Tapi ini saat yang tepat untuk menghadiahkannya untukmu, baarakallahulakumaa wa baaraka alaikumaa wa jamaa bainakumaa fii khoir."

The right time to move on
Demand us to do the best
Hearing the beat of a heart
Whispering the best hope ever

A weak soul deep inside is crying
Try to find the meaning of a true love
Try to understand the meaning of life
With Alloh inside

The best dream comes in the beginning of the day and in the edge of the night
Breath with the best hope for the next life
The souls fly high ... try to be balance with the life rhythm
Go through the moment of a silent with a hope of a best place to arrive

When knowledge and light direct the heart to the right path
A shadow of missing singing a perfect song
“Hey ... where are you? Are you trying to find me like I do?
Are you also missing me in your days my dearest soulmate?”

Swim till a half of breath in the sea of loving
Say the words through the rain and send it to the desert in the best moment of missing
His Love has healed the broken wings
Make it perfectly ready to fly higher

Hold the pen and write the best letters
Eyes, heart, and soul speak through words
Make the prayers perfectly match at last
Erased all the unknown whispers inside

Serenity voice sends right to the heart
Translate it into A Lovely Vein
When the time is right
The heart will know the best with the help of His Guidance

As the right shadow shows the best reflection through life
It will be the best time that He has promised to us
The Right Light ... The Most Bright Shine showing a divine wisdom
Guide our steps to find the meaning of loving

The right direction ... The Most Beautiful Serenity without end
Put our destiny in the best end of a journey
 A beginning of eternity for our soul
An end of misery of missing ...

A whisper of a cried soul catches its time
Arrived in the top of best accompanied by the light of serenity
Those signs are recalled the steps to the final direction
It stops in the best time with no ending

Make a wish then wait the best answer
When His Love is speaking right to us
It is the best time to declare our love
Through a serenity prayer and an honest smile “His Love always be our goal”

Let love, dream, and hope shows the miracles
May the prayers be answered by The Loving
As the Holy Words guide our life
 Hope Alloh showers us with His Blessing

(Mbak Bella, terima kasih... *embundipelupukmatasoreini)

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