Jejak Karya

Jejak Karya

Monday, July 13, 2009



Now… here we are !!!
Our self is different
Remember your story
Make you smile
A nice and beautiful smile…

A bird still in the sky
Must fly until the end of the time
Bird…?? That’s like you…!!!
Always fly in happy and sad time
Rain still falling down
Wait the best time for stop
A little name born in the dark of night
The beautiful name that life in our memory
In the beautiful sunrise she is cry… hardly!!!

Near in my soul…
Onset from the world
Rage and hate still to stay
Modify all of my life
Always like that for a long time

A shot at my memory
Mix up my pure
Bring it to the sky
And a hope in my mind
Rove in the lonely
Write the story about me
Abate million of hurt
Till the end of time
I’ll always try…and try again !!!

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